Some blurb ...

Bastian is a multi award winning director with a unique creative vision (Really???). Over the years Bastian has built an accomplished reel of work for a luxe client list spanning commercials, fashion and the arts (how lovely). 

Amongst his collaborations are such illustrious names as Björk, Yohji Yamamoto, Stella McCartney, Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes, Coca Cola and Axe (keep on bragging is all I say). Bastian’s work blends a refined consideration for humanity and emotion with a strong performance dimension to craft heartfelt and highly evocative films and imagery. Married with consistently daring visuals, Bastian’s body of work pushes into unexpected and enthralling territory, creating deeply atmospheric worlds while channeling the unexpected. (Gosh, reads a bit wanky doesn’t it?)

This unique vision has earned him numerous accolades (yes loads. for sure loads. Whoop Whoop) including a Cannes Titanium for his playful and pulse-pounding Crashes spot for Axe, multiple (as in a few) D&AD Silvers for Björk’s World Tour visuals and a Cannes Gold Lion for his BVG Cannabis campaign. (Oh, a Cannabis Clio Grand Prix too. Not joking. Who would have thought such thing even existed?!)

Reps etc.

He’s available globally. Please feel free to contact him, who likes to speak in the third person of himself but nevertheless is a very nice chap, directly with any requests. He’ll get back as soon as he can.
Alternatively here some peeps that look after him for certain territories:
Germany – TPF
Canada – Softcitizen
France – I-C Production

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