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About ... what about?

Do they mean …me? Not sure what to put here? Sorry, I don’t make websites. I make films. Decent ones I’m told. They even won some awards …WHOAAR!

Well, the films did. Not the websites. They’re pretty average I’d say. So better not look for me in front of a computer. More likely I’ll be roaming the globe chasing great performances and all the other stuff that makes for nice films.

If however you insist to know more about the ‘About’ about me, feel free to click the fancy button just below…

News... or not.

BCR – Effie Gold

My BCR film claimed a gold award at the Effie’s last week. Congratulations to the team. Loved the hands on approach. Roaming through London and Bucharest with you was a…

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BVG – forces of nature

My latest fun epic for the Berlin Transport Services has landed. Been a hell of a ride trying to put it all together in such short amount of time. Can’t…

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